Our first Application:

Traceability in trade/ counterfeit against black marketing and mislabeling of poached fish 

Based upon previous approaches, movements of fish between farms (for outgrowing or if sold) are to be monitored and can be traced. This tracing process can continue until the fish is processed. In this case the CITES label of the product can be equipped with a respective QR or barcode that links the product to a single individual.

As such a buyer/distributer/consumer can check the origin of the fish and the product without a gap to the individual that was tagged years earlier and can follow up on the life history.

In cases where the coherence of the rearing history and the product is dubious (through removal of PIT and implantation into a wild fish of different size or sex for instance) based upon the information on the parental generation (stud book) a genetic screening permits to verify if fraud was carried out or if the fish is identical to the fish that was initially sexed.

The MAGICCAVIAR   Caviar Anti-Counterfeit-  CACF2.0 [BETA] AI based- solution would provide a much improved approach to today’s production and processing records, would allow an easy and safe tracking of productions and sales, would aid in the prevention of black marketing, false labelling (consumer protection), control of shelf life (repackers could not extend the shelf life of an original product). For large players this approach also increases the safety of the product since immediate verification of origin and associated information can be provided online. Tracking of suboptimal lots (taste, processing errors) becomes much easier through the online system. The major ethical benefit is the fact that through the CACF2.0 system, illegal marketing of poached fish and their products can be eliminated almost completely.

For administration, enforcement agencies and official institutions the main focus, besides an improved tracing, will be the fact that the administrative burden, both for the registration and tracking, as well as for the control is less demanding or even much easier. For the administration of the maximum protected data a neutral location will be chosen to avoid abuse.

During the process, we apply the inseparable cellular/DNA-based anti-counterfeit properties and blockchain solutions to the resulting Oocytes product, in order to aid in determination of provenance and origin; of importantance, since we want to supply clients --most likely caviar buyers--with brand protection, but which also facilitates tracking possibilities to help disable the illegal Caviar trade and prevent mislabeling of our final product.

Our ACF [Anticounterfeit] technology will be offered to a wide variation of fields such as  FOOD APPLICATIONS [plantbased, cell based and conventional meat, fish, dairy, wine, spirits], FASHION [leather, wool, fur] AND PHARMACEUTICAL APPLICATIONS. The first versions will be introduced to the markets in Q3 2022.


Figure 1: Principal interaction between different production levels and their integration in the Block Chain approach